Cochlear Implant Counselling

Lady with pink jumper, she has a cochlear implant. she is typing at her computer looking for cochlear implant counselling.

DisabilityPlus gives every person the opportunity to be supported with cochlear implant counselling with a therapist who uses a cochlear implant; this enables full cultural support. Our counselling team works with people who have received a CI or plan to have one. Typical issues can be fear, hesitancy and worries about changes to living culture.

  • Pay-yourself, Immediate Start
  • Saver Plans
  • Therapists who use a CI

Expertise – Our team works with people who have received a Cochlear Implant or plan to have one. Typical issues people present to us are fear, hesitancy and worries about changes to their living culture. Our team use the Spoken Word (oral) Lip Reading & Visual Gestures. Our therapy is for people who typically struggle with using a mainstream therapist. We offer a live subtitle service if video sessions are selected.

Why Counselling? – People who have a Cochlear Implant can have mental health issues stemming from feeling they do not fit into the Deaf or Hearing world. Issues can also stem from resentment in having the operation forced upon them. Talking Therapies do not make problems disappear, but people often say life can be easier to manage.

Coaching? –  We can support people who do not require mental health support with practical advice on an upcoming operation or transition, adjustment or cultural support post-operation. Cochlear Implants do not cure hearing loss or restore hearing in some people; however, they provide an opportunity for people to hear better. Coaching is a short term program, generally up to 6 sessions, where a person can learn essential skills & manage their expectations of an upcoming operation or come to terms with the effects of the implant post-operation.

Learnt Skills – Our mental health therapists & coaches help individuals navigate life. Cochlear Implant Counselling can help people avoid potential issues with their mental health & symptoms such as panic attacks, depression & anxieties. Our coaching team will help individuals learn essential coping skills.

Suitability – The service is typically suitable for adults/teenagers & children aged 12 and above who require Cochlear Implant counselling or coaching service. People who would benefit from our service are individuals who have mental health problems dealing with life after the operation or need coaching who have hesitancy or fear pre-implant or complications after the procedure, including change of culture or pain management.

Quality Assured

Our Cochlear Implant Counselling Team is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) (UKCP). We are bound by the ethical framework for good practice in counselling. We comply with the Data Protection Act