Arthritus Counselling

DisabilityPlus empowers you with arthritis counselling with therapists who understand what you may be going through. Your therapist supports you with your mental health, whether pre-existing issues have become worse or a new condition that stems from arthritis.

Anxiety is often perceived as expected; people don’t always seek mental health services for it. Left untreated, stress can lead to more significant problems. Chronic anxiety can increase someone’s risk of developing depression. Arthritis, anxiety, and depression can negatively affect overall health and quality of life.

Lady sat at a table, she has an empty plate in front of her. This picture indicates she is considering cochlear implant counselling

Feelings of sadness or worry can interfere with a person’s ability and motivation to care for themselves properly and manage daily life, let alone manage their arthritis or other health conditions. That’s why it’s essential for people with arthritis to take care of their mental health and arthritis symptoms.


Nobody can take away your pain, but don’t let pain take away your happiness”

Fighting the pain of a long-term health problem can be a significant burden to carry. The rate of depression among people living with rheumatoid arthritis is estimated to be upwards of 40% percent of people with RA. Pain is one factor, but we know from people we see that there is more depression and anxiety in people with RA even before the RA is diagnosed.

Arthritis Counselling with a therapist who understands the symptoms and effects on your life can help you cope with the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that accompany chronic pain.



Our referrals cater for all types of requirements, you can contact us directly for more information or complete a self-referral form to move to the next step. We reply to you within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

NHS Applications

For DisabilityPlus to make an NHS application for you based on your condition, we must satisfy specific criteria before making the NHS Application. 

The application for you must include one of the below disabilities or life-changing conditions.

  • Loss of Limb or Mobility
  • Long Term Medical or Physical Condition
  • Brain Injury or Concussion
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta
  • Sight Loss
  • Sudden Acquired Hearing Loss
  • Tinnitus or Vestibular 
  • Epilepsy
  • Grief 

Self-Paid Services are available if you do not qualify for an NHS application with DisabilityPlus.

Profesional Organisations

We support many organisations from solicitors, employment support all the way through to smaller organisations that need support. Contact us to find out more. 

Self-Pay Plans

We offer self-pay plans including pay by session & saver packs where you can buy groups of 3 & 6 sessions at reduced price points. 


Mixed Plans

Being a major service, we can offer a mixed plan where you start paying privately & then if funding comes in you can switch to a funded model of counselling.

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